2001 History Corner Articles

First Grade

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Shown here are the teacher and the 5 boys and the 5 girls of the Beavertown first grade about Christmas time in 1911. These were truly more gentle times. Their dress appears to be very warm and yet very fashionable for that time. The school at that time had four separate entrances. This one is to the west side of the present building.

(When did the school get only the two front entrances? Also what was one favorite game to play at recess with a light snow on the playground similar to that appearing in this photo? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Moses Specht of Beavertown built the 105 foot long (with roof and sides) Dreese’s Red Bridge for a total cost to the county of $1784.00.

On Monday, August 19, 1872, the Snyder County Board of Commissioners met at, viewed, and then approved it as the best job yet.

Michael Ewing of Beaver Township, a veteran bridge builder and carpenter, was its architect.

Dreeses Bridge

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Just this past summer, this old covered bridge was remodeled and repaired. While it is no longer in use as a bridge, it is now an historic attraction to our area. It is even on a web page of covered bridges of Snyder County.

(When was the bridge built, by what builder, and at what cost? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

What did Charles Freed do to help Beavertown? Well, during WWII, Beavertown, like most towns and cities in the U. S. A., had an Honor Roll of the towns persons serving in the Armed Forces.

Charles Freed had a vacant house with a side yard that faced right on Market Street, and he offered this yard to place our lovely red, white, and blue Honor Roll in.

Some Beavertowners 50 Years Ago

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Front row, left to right: Harold Norman, Mary Dreese Norman, his wife, with Anna Louise Dreese Yetter standing in front of Mary, Ruth Dreese, Harriet Specht Freed and her husband Charles Freed. Back row, left to right: John Dreese, Annie Dreese, William “Toaster” Dreese, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swartzlander. Notice the hat fashions then!

(What did Charles Freed give to our community? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

While Kearns cars and light trucks were manufactured in Beavertown, the Kearns heavier trucks, and especially fire trucks were manufactured in Danville under the direction of Mr. Beaver.

Likewise, some Kearns trucks were made in Lewistown.

Sadly, the depression hurt and finished all Kearns truck making.

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