2002 History Corner Articles

1948 Tigers

(Courtesy of Ziggy Mattern)

In 1948, our town baseball team played in the Snyder County League. As always, they had an outstanding year. Shown above, left to right in the front row: Bill Saylor, Paul Kline, Stan Saylor, Josh Hackenberg, and John Coleman, Manager. Second row: Richard Coleman, John Saylor, Harold Wagner, Sonny Herman, Dick Saylor, and Bob Middleswarth. Back row: Bill Markley, Bob Markley, Ziggy Mattern, Charles Saylor, and Dick Hoy.

(Over the years, where were the baseball diamonds our town teams played on? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The Beavertown municipal water system is serving 419 customers at the present time. Of these, 18 are in Beaver Township.

The sanitary sewer system is presently serving 389 customers in the Beavertown Borough.

East End of Beavertown

(Courtesy of Kathryn Narehood)

After WWII many new houses were built by returning veterans. Only a few appear on this photograph. Since 1947, this part of town has been built up, nearly doubling the amount of dwellings shown here. Lee Lash’s home (now Rev. Schroeder’s) was not finished at this time.

(Beavertown new serves how many water customers? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The four boys in last month’s Beavertown News were: Back row, left to right, John “Bud” Mattern, John “Jack” Kaufman, and Craig Swavely.

The front row shows Ronald “Ronnie” Wagner.

Craig Swavely’s father, George, was the Principal of the Beaver Springs Grade School at the time this photo was taken.

Four Boys

(Courtesy of Jack Kaufman)

Shown here are four boys as they appeared in the 1940s. Two now live in Beavertown, the third one lives just outside of Beavertown, and the fourth one has moved away from the area to parts unknown. This is really just for fun, but see if you can guess who they are.

(Who is in this photo? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Obviously besides the landing field, (which was a grass field and thus not an all-weather aerodrome) the Beavertown Airport had a wood framed and metal covered hangar to keep the plane in.

It also had the very important windsock to show the direction of the wind so the pilot could be assisted in making a safe landing.

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