2003 History Corner Articles

Christmas Decorations

(Courtesy of Rusty Kauffman)

By History Corner standards, this is of recent vintage, but shown here are Phyllis Shawver and Sandra Kaufman holding 2 of the 14 Christmas decorations purchased by the Beavertown Home and School Club to make our town more festive first used in 1983. This organization has done and is doing SO MUCH for our community.

(When was the Beavertown Home and School Club formed? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Besides Euell Gibbons, we all know that Davey Jones has property in Beavertown, and lives here from time to time. Here are a few others.

During the 1930s Radio Dot and Smokey lived in town. They later went on to the Grand Ole Opry.

As a youth, Stanley Miller lived in town. He went on to found an auto supply store chain and was the PA Secretary of Public Welfare in the 1970s.

A Mr. Rhamstine of town went to Annapolis and became a general officer in the U. S. Marines. After WWII he became CEO of Corn Products Inc. (Karo syrup, etc.).

Racers Jan Opperman and Roger Larson have a Beavertown connection, as do many others.

Euell Gibbons

(Courtesy of Cloyd W. Wagner)

Having recently received an email concerning Euell Gibbons, just for the record, we are showing a good photo of him above. When I forwarded the email to many friends, some reported back that they didn’t realize Euell had a Central Pennsylvania connection. This is to assert that he certainly did. His address was RD Beavertown.

(Beavertown had several other celebrities. Who were they? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Smith’s Dairy sold their equipment and bottles to Clarence and Mary Bailey in 1935. Shortly thereafter, a boiler overheated in the Bailey milk house and burned it down. A new structure was built and all new equipment and bottles were purchased. The Cold Spring Dairy continued operation until 1945.

Milk Token

(Courtesy of Marian Wagner)

Shown here are both sides of a brass token (enlarged image) issued by the Smith Dairy of Beavertown. It was good for 5 cents on the return of an empty milk bottle.

Unfortunately, we do not have the date of this token, nor the dates of operation of Smith’s Dairy. Can anyone help us with this information?

(What happened to the Smith’s Dairy? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Henry Kern donated the land for the then Union Church, now the UCC.

He also donated land for the churchyard, the school, and the playground, with the stipulation that when it was no longer used for the purposes intended, the land will revert back to the family.

Henry was my GGGGrandfather. Just before my Grandmother’s death, she signed off to give a clear deed, but only to the church.

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