2005 History Corner Articles

Matterns Store

(Courtesy of Helen Mattern)

This photo shows the inside of one of the general stores in Beavertown about 1910. It was one of the two largest in all of Snyder County. The other was also in Beavertown. In all seasons you could get needed supplies from these stores. At Christmas many a Lightning Guider sled was sold, as were pocket knives, watches, candy, toys, clothes, and very much more. Reed Mattern is shown right inside the front door of this great facility.

(Where was this store located in Beavertown? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The Specht Furniture Factory was built and operated on this site prior to the coming of the C. T. Saylor and son Shirt Factory.

In the August 1998 issue (Vol. 6 No. 8) we showed a photo of the furniture factory and described its operation.

Today, only one block away, we have the Conestoga Wood Products factory which makes hardwood furniture components as part of its operation.

In the first case, we went from hardwood furniture to textiles. In the second, we went from textiles to hardwood furniture. And so the beat goes on!

Shirt Factory

(Courtesy of Sarah Saylor)

Shown above is a photo of the Charles T. “Dory” Saylor Shirt Factory taken from the air and put on a post card, taken in the early 1940s. The house attached on the right was a residence, while the factory is on the left. This was traditionally our town’s second largest employer for over 50 years.

(What was in this building before the shirt factory? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The Isabella Steam Tannery was located on the east side along South Center Street where Ira Bobb lived (now owned by Davy Jones) and where Clarence “Roundy” Walker used to live. The location for the tannery buildings were from 225 South Center Street southward for about two more lots along that street, and it had an eastward depth of at least 180 feet. East of Chris Weller’s it owned land along the S&L RR and it had its own railroad siding.

Isabella Tannery

(Courtesy of Harold Wagner)

Shown above is a snapshot of the side of a part of one of the buildings of the Beavertown Isabella Steam Tannery built in 1871 by Samuel Lupher. This was our largest employer until the silk mill came during WWI. The smell and the waste products were pollutants gladly accepted then, but would not be today.

(Where was the building shown located in Beavertown? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The Beavertown Normal School sessions for school teacher training used what was then the Beavertown High School, which was located on the southeast corner of Center and Walnut Streets. This campus had a tennis court and other recreational facilities for its students. They also had recess so they could be used.

This is now the residence of the Barry Hackenberg family.

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