Elias Specht birth certificate

(Courtesy of John Vidosh)

This is the birth and baptism certificate of Elias Specht, son of Adam and Catherine Specht. He was born on March 25, 1820. Elias was a gunsmith here in Beavertown, and brother of Moses Specht. Some of his hand crafted firearms exist to this day. His craftsmanship was of the very highest quality, and his products a true beauty to behold.

Beavertown Mutual Fire Insurance Company

(Courtesy of Beavertown Historical Society)

The Beavertown Mutual Fire Insurance Company was founded on July 21st, 1879 in the Beavertown Opera House. The initial officers of the company included S.A. Wetzel as chairman and A.H. Bowersox as secretary. Judge Wetzel served in this capacity from 1879 to 1918, a period of more than 39 years.

Elias Specht Rifle

(Courtesy of Beavertown Historical Society)

Shown here is a muzzle-loading rifle made in Beavertown by Elias Specht. It is has a percussion cap ignition system, and was made sometime around 1860. The brass inlays and wood working were all hand crafted by Elias. This particular rifle also includes a lead pot, bullet mold, powder horn, powder measure, and percussion caps. The Specht home and gun shop was located on East Market Street.

New Years Day in Beavertown 1976

(Courtesy of Beavertown Historical Society)

Taking a cue from years gone by, Beavertown kicked off the nation's Bicentennial celebration on January 1st, 1976, with a parade by the "Fantastiks". The revelers paraded up and down the streets of Beavertown making copious amounts of noise, doing their best to chase away the bad spirits of the past year. This was the first event of many held as part of Beavertown's 1976 Bicentennial celebration.

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