1997 History Corner Articles

Charles Kearns

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Shown here in a tranquil environment was one of Beavertown’s most valuable citizens in the 20th century. His father was a prominent buggy manufacturer, and when Max was at Erie as a railroad telegrapher, he became convinced that motor buggies were the future, resigned his position, came home and got his family started in the car industry.

(What was at least one other thing that Max manufactured besides cars and trucks? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Stan Saylor was the squad leader. The squad consisted of Dick Eisenhauer, Paul Zechman, Jim Lash, Bob Etzler, Dick Saylor, and Charles “Windy” Saylor. These were the other two in this squad. The event was the VJ Day Parade, held on August 15, 1945, when “Ticky” Norman rolled a barrel to Middleburg with practically the whole town following him.

Color Guard

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Since in November we observe and honor Veterans Day, here are some who are worthy to be truly so honored. Shown here, left to right are: Stan Saylor, Dick Eisenhauer, Jim Lash, Paul Zechman, and at the rear, Bob Etzler. What a wonderful time this was in our town, in our state, and in our country. May God grant us such a time again.

(Name at least two other Beavertown veterans who marched in this parade. Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The Weis Pure Foods Store was one store in operation in Beavertown in 1933.

The Walker Brothers was another store, and the major competitor of Lepley’s .

Swartzlander’s Butcher Shop and store was also in operation in 1933.

Charles Bobb and Mel Bobb had restaurants where one could also secure some groceries and notions.

Lepleys Store Circular

(Courtesy of The Beavertown News)

Presented here is a circular (the original measured 11” x 17” on orange paper) which was taken door to door in town by kids who earned as much as a nickel to distribute them. Notice the depression-time 1933 prices. The cheapest item listed was 1 pound of Marrowfat Beans for 3 cents. Thought you might enjoy this for a change of pace.

(Can you name at least three other Beavertown stores then in business? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Originally the planing mill was built and owned by Russell Benfer. After he died, it was then sold to the Fetterolf brothers (Art and Luther). Thereafter it became Saylor (George Sr.) and Mattern (George). Mattern never was an investment partner, but when he quit it became the Beavertown Building and Lumber Supply owned by George Saylor Sr. and brother Charles Jr. Then George Saylor Jr. bought it, and finally the last operator was Dale Thomas.

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