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Beavertown Mutual Fire Insurance Company

(Courtesy of Carmon Aumiller)

On December 31, 1885, they reported having $1,621,102 insurance in force. Income during the year was $1166.11. Losses by fire for 1885 amounted to $24.00. A new feature decided that livestock be covered for loss or damage by fire or lightening, and steam threshers must be 20 to 25 feet from any building, have at least 3 buckets of water at hand, have a watchman always present as long as same contains fire and coal only to be used for fuel.

(Where were 2 locations of the offices of the Beavertown Mutual Fire Ins. Co.? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Organized BVHS boys sports were soccer, basketball, baseball, and track and field, all coached at first by Authur Townsend.

The only organized BVHS girls sport was basketball, coached at first by Miss Marjorie Sweigert.

When Midd-West was formed in 1956, the sports programs were expanded substantially.

BVHS Basketball Team

(Courtesy of Ethel Herbster)

Shown above from left to right, front row: Earl DeLong, Walter Gill, Elder Ewing, John Mattern, Fred Mattern, and George Saylor. Second row: Coach Arthur Townsend, Lee Spaid, Eugene Mitchell, Roy Thoman, Chester Wagener, Parke Herbster, John Fetterolf, and Marlin Haines. We don’t know their record.

(What organized sports did BVHS have in this era? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Since in the early 1900s people usually attended worship services on Sunday in their finest clothes, and did no work, they usually stayed dressed all day. In the evenings, to break up the day and have some social activity, they would gather at the railroad station to welcome the incoming trains, visit with one another, and then usually go to an evening church service to close out the day. These were graceful, better times.

Beavertown Railroad Station

(Courtesy of Joe Norman)

Shown above is a photo of Mr. Harry G. Freed, Station Manager, sitting at his desk on the inside of the passenger station of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Beavertown. At this time as many as 8 trains came through the station each day. On Sunday, it was the habit of many people in Beavertown to go to the station and watch the evening train come in.

(Why did folks go to the railroad station on Sunday evening? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The first faculty of the Beaver Vocational High School for 1928/29 was as follows:

Ira Sanders was the Principal. Arthur Townsend taught Vo Ag. Hazel Crist was the Home Ec. teacher. Carrie Smith taught Social Studies. Margaret Swigart taught English, and Edith Bratton taught Music.

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