2006 History Corner Articles

Beavertown Brick Plant

(Courtesy of Bill Wagner)

This post card photo shows the Beavertown Brick Plant about the mid 1950s. The bake ovens gave off a nice warmth when fired and sometimes during the winter, the few hobos traveling along the S & L RR would take advantage of this free heat. They had a camp site they used year around just west of the brick plant under a RR bridge. It was a well used site except during the coldest part of the winter.

(When was the brick plant built in Beavertown? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

When WWII ended in May 1945, many Beavertown service personnel in Europe served there until late 1945 or 1946. Those who were stationed in Germany would have been in the Army of Occupation.

After this period, Brufene Thoman served in Occupied Germany, as did Jim Etzler. The Occupation ended in May 1955. Russell Kauffman and Jack Kaufman served in Germany also, but if it was after May 1955, it was not as part of the Army of Occupation.

Tell us of others you know of.

Three Soldiers

(Courtesy of Cloyd W. Wagner)

Shown above is a photo of (L to R) SFC Eugene “Pee Wee” Camp, Cpl. Marvin “Monk” Yetter, and SFC Cloyd W. Wagner as they met at Erlangen, occupied American Zone of Germany in March 1952, at the height of the Cold War and the Police Action in Korea. Within 4 months, all were honorably separated and returned to Beavertown.

(Name at least 4 other Beavertowners who served in occupied Germany. Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

On September 26, 1995, the first BVHS Grand Reunion was held at the old Alma Mater. This came about when the Class of ’45 via Ken Narehood got Cloyd W. Wagner to found, to plan and carry out this event assisted by Ken Narehood and Beatrice Thomas. Charles M. Kearns Jr. came in from Tuscon, AZ and arranged to have an early Kearns Eureka auto there also.

Charles M. Kearns

(Courtesy of George Saylor)

Shown above is a snapshot of Charles M. Kearns Jr. (on the right) in leisure dress taken at the Beaver Community Fair on Saturday, September 26, 1995. Here he is looking over one of the few remaining Eureka automobiles, which were the first Kearns cars his father made in Beavertown beginning in 1907. Charles died out in Tuscon, Arizona on July 30th. See the front page for more on this great man.

(What event other than the Beaver Fair was held that Saturday in 1995? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Without using semantics to distinguish the Chief Burgess from the Mayor, and using the term Mayor for both, the man who served as the Mayor of Beavertown for the longest time was Charles M. Bobb, who served six consecutive terms in office from 1934 to 1957, a period of 24 years. His service began during the Great Depression and ended with Sputnik at the height of the Cold War.

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