2007 History Corner Articles


(Courtesy of John Getz)

The Beavertown Borough Council and the Beavertown Library wish to thank John Getz for the donation of a Dick Getz print entitled “Autumn Shadows” (Shown here). This is a print of a wild turkey. The prints have been provided to Mr. Getz by Earl Smith, former friend and associate of Dick Getz. Numbered prints of a chicken and rooster which Dick was commissioned to do by the American Poultry Association have also been given to Mr. Getz. These prints are available for sale to the public at the Getz Barrel Co.

(Who was Carl Richard Getz? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

The person who has served as the Mayor of Beavertown for the second longest period of time is your editor, Cloyd William Wagner, having served as Mayor since 1990 and is now in the 5th four year term of office.

Added Note:

On November 14, 2014, the borough will celebrate its 100th anniversary. A time capsule will then be exhumed and be opened and its contents will be put on display.


(Courtesy of Beatrice Bobb)

Shown here is Charles W. Bobb, who served six consecutive terms as Mayor (then Chief Burgess) from January 1934 to December 1957, a period of 24 years. He was also a restauranteur, a storekeeper, provided quality room and board and made the best darn ice cream I ever ate. My favorite was Grapenut!

(Who has served as Mayor for the second longest period of time? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Mr. Moses Specht built the present Borough Building as the Beavertown Grade School in 1880. It is a solid fine structure even today.

It was remodeled in 1938 to include central heating and indoor plumbing.

It was remodeled a bit more to comply with the ADA in 2007.

Borough Building Print

(Courtesy of Home and School Club)

Shown here is a reduced b&w xerox copy of a beautiful color painting of the Beavertown Grade School in its best days, done by Valerie Moyer. 200 matted and numbered prints in full color of the original are for sale at Kauffman’s TV for only $18.00 each. For more on this club fundraiser, see page one.

(When was this school built and who built it? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Month

Without using semantics to distinguish the Chief Burgess from the Mayor, and using the term Mayor for both, the man who served as the Mayor of Beavertown for the shortest term was the first man to serve in that office, W. O. Stetler, who served only from November 1914 to December 1917. A full term is from January on even numbered years to December four years later. This wasn’t possible for W. O. because we were not a borough until 11-14-1914.

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