2009 History Corner Articles

The Union Shirt Factory

(Courtesy of Bob Norman)

Shown here are the employees of the first shirt factory in Beavertown. It was located on the northwest corner of Chestnut and Sassafras Streets. Later it became the Grange Hall, now torn down. There were several owners of this factory, the last one being C. T. "Dory" Saylor who then moved the operation to a larger building which was formerly the Specht Furniture factory on the southwest corner of Walnut and Union Streets, now also torn down. Sadly, none of the employees can be identified.

Beavertown's Opera House

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Shown here is The famous Beavertown Opera House (L) built in the 1870s; later the P.O.S. of A. Hall, and finally the Rescue Hose Company fire hall before it was torn down. The home of Johnny P. Kearns on the right (presently owned by Bobbi 0'Conner) was the first house to have running water in town when he installed a copper cistern on his roof to catch and hold rainwater and by gravity flow it in pipes to the downstairs.

(What other famous, but now demolished building was right across the street from these buildings? Answer next month.)

Answer to Last Two Months

In 17-9 we asked what other great organization was created the same year that BVHS was built. The answer is the FFA (Future Farmers of America). The answer to the 17-10 question is beside the Central Hotel Beavertown had Moses Specht's Conway House (presently the beer distributor) and the Smith Hotel (presently the bank).

The Central Hotel

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Shown here is a photo of the Central Hotel. It was built in 1870/71 by Dr. I. D. Conrad. It was the site of many activities, such as horse and livestock auctions, matches and raffles, banquets and fine dining in addition to first class accommodations for the traveler. It had a barber shop, a dentist's office, a doctor's office and at one time a cigar factory on the third floor. This only scratches the surface of the full story of this once great town institution.

(What were the other two hotels in town at that time? Answer next month.)

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