2010 History Corner Articles

Marlie Ettingers Fruit Store in the 50s

(Courtesy of Richard Ettinger)

Shown here is a snapshot photo of Marlin Ettinger's last business establishment located on 312 East Market Street in Beavertown. His first place of business was at 117 West Market. He then opened a shoe shop at 129 East Market Street which was a great spot to loaf. After this he built and improved the business shown above. It too was a good spot to loaf.

Alvin and Hallie Walker meet Ike

(Courtesy of Joe Norman)

While "Ike" was president (between 1953 and 1960) he was very popular. Shown here are Alvin 'Toey' Walker, back row, far right and his wife, Hallie Coleman Walker back row third lady to the right of Mr. Walker. This was a great pleasure for two of former Beavertown's first rank citizens to meet President Dwight David Eisenhower!

Middleswarth twins in their airplane buggy

(Courtesy of Ted Herman)

The husband of Lottie (shown) and the father of Joan and Phyllis (shown), made this over their wicker baby carriage. It was built for a parade, believed to be the 4th of July, 1923, just before their first birthday that August. As for location, it was beside the RR tracks, and near where at that time their grandpa Jacob's lumber mill was located.

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