1997 PA German Lessons



Im Disember kummt der Schnee un die Kinner gehne naus un rutsche mit ihre Schlidde uf ‘m Schnee un Eis.  Haerrlicher Grischtdaag!


The snow comes in December and the children go out and coast with their sleds on the snow and ice.  Merry Christmas!





Duhne sie viel esse?  Gewiss!  Die Leit gleiche esse.  Sie sin all grooss un dick, un sie sin arig froh in sem Beaver stettle.


Do the people eat a lot?  For sure!  The folks like to eat.  They are all big and stout and they are very happy in their Beavertown.





En Bauer wuhnt in Pennsylvaani.  Er hot ‘n Fraa un siwwe Kinner.  Der Bauer un die Fraa sin die Eldre.  Die Eldre hen vier Buwe un drei Maed.


A farmer lives in Pennsylvania.  He has a wife and seven children.  The farmer and his wife are the parents.  The parents have four boys and three girls.





Der Bill iss ‘n Bu.  Er iss zehe Yaarha alt.  Der Bill hot ken Schweschder.  Die Eldre liewe der Bill.  Der Daadi schafft an’s Silk Mill.  Die Eldre gewwe Bill blendi Geld.


Bill is a boy.  He is 10 years old.  Bill does not have a sister.  The parents love Bill.  The father works at the silk mill.  The parents give Bill lots of money.



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