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The Beavertown News is a monthly publication to provide information on events and activities occurring in Beavertown. For more information, submissions or advertising, please send us an email. We reserve the right to edit all materials submitted.
Jim Edmiston Beavertown weather station
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Jim Edmiston's weather station for the latest conditions in Beavertown.

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Mini Lesson #220

1. How do you say “Did you know it?” in PA German? You would pronounce it HUSHED DEW DES GA-VISST, and it is written:  Hoscht du des gwisst.
2. How would you say “Who is behind this?”? You would pronounce it VARE ISS DOUGH DA-HINN-AH, and it’s written: Wer is do dehinner. 


Mini Lesson #219

1. How do you say “In every war too much blood is shed.” in PA German? You would pronounce it IN OLLIE KRIEG VAT TZU FEEL BLUUT FA-GOSSA, and it is written:  In alli Grieg wat zu viel Blut vergosse.
2. How would you say “Yes it is.”? You would pronounce it YAH SIS, and it’s written: Ja sis. 


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