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Jim Edmiston Beavertown weather station
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Jim Edmiston's weather station for the latest conditions in Beavertown.

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Mini Lesson #218

1. How do you say “It's a sin and a shame.” in PA German? You would pronounce it SIS EN SIN UNNA SCHOND, and it is written:  Sis en Sin un e Schand.
2. How would you say “It's hot in here.”? You would pronounce it SIS HAASE DOE-HIN, and it’s written: Sis hees dohin. 



Kauffmans Store on Wheels

(Courtesy of Gwen Nese)

While in high school Jack Kaufman worked at Kauffman’s Meat Market on the delivery truck (circa early 1950s). This is a copy of a cropped picture, not original. John Saylor got cropped out!



Mini Lesson #217

1. How do you say “What's your trade?” in PA German? You would pronounce it VOS ISS DIE HOND VARIK, and it is written:  Was is dei Handwarick.
2. How would you say “We have to turn the clock ahead tonight.”? You would pronounce it MEER MISSA DEE NACHT DEE UHR FORE DRAYA, and it’s written: Mir misse die Nacht die Uhr vordrehe. 


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