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Jim Edmiston Beavertown weather station
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Jim Edmiston's weather station for the latest conditions in Beavertown.

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Mini Lesson #216

1. How do you say “Where is he?” in PA German? You would pronounce it VOO ISS AIR, and it is written:  Wu is er.
2. How would you say “Over there.”? You would pronounce it DOT DRIVVA, and it’s written: Datt driwwer. 


Mini Lesson #215

1. How do you say “He's old and no longer healthy.” in PA German? You would pronounce it AIR IS ALT UN NIMMIE GA-ZUNT, and it is written: Er is alt und nimmi gesund.
2. How would you say “Put that in a bag.”? You would pronounce it DO CELL IN EN DOOT, and it’s written: Duh sell in en Dutt. 



Inside Kauffmans Market

(Courtesy of Rusty Kauffman)

Shown here is the inside of the original Kauffman’s store and meat market. This is the local grocery business that delivered goods to folks throughout the countryside using a bus. The gentlemen pictured here in- clude Russell Kauffman’s father and uncle Charl Kauffman. This building was demolished to make way for the new structure which stands to this day.



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