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Mini Lesson #214

1. How do you say “We rather liked him.” in PA German? You would pronounce it MERE HEN EEN GOOT GA-LITTA, and it is written: Mir hen ihn gut gelidde.
2. How would you say “They were reconciled again.”? You would pronounce it SEE HEN VIDDA UFF-GA-MACHT, and it’s written: Sie hen wider uffgemacht. 



Kauffmans Market

(Courtesy of Beavertown Bicentennial Committee)

Shown here are Janet and Russell Kauffman owners of Kauffman’s Meat Market, and later Kauffman’s Market on Market Street in Beavertown. This photo was taken in 1976 for our nation’s bicentennial celebration, and is included in the memorial booklet produced by the Beavertown Bicentennial Committee. This building is now Kauffman’s TV. Kauffman’s Meat Market had a travelling sales truck that delivered groceries throughout the Beavertown area. John Saylor was a long time and valued employee at this establishment.



Mini Lesson #213

1. How do you say “Where there's smoke, there's fire!” in PA German? You would pronounce it VOO SCHMOKE ISS, ISS AWE FIRE, and it is written: Wu Schmok is, is aa Feirer!
2. How would you say “It is so.”? You would pronounce it ESS ISS SO, and it’s written: Es is so. 


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