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Beavertown Grade School

(Courtesy of Nikki Sheesley)

Shown here is the Beavertown grade school, built in 1880 by Moses Specht. It replaced two former school houses in the borough. There were two grades in each of its four rooms. It had outside toilets. Each room was heated by a pot-belly stove. John “Pach” Walker was the long-time principal of this fine educational facility. It was remodeled in 1938, and several times in the 21st century. Just this year, we also restored the cupola using some of our Reader’s Digest winnings. 



Mini Lesson #212

1. How do you say “He couldn't catch her.” in PA German? You would pronounce it AIR HOT SEA NET FONG-A KENN-A, and it is written: Er hot sie net fange kenne.
2. How would you say “That's enough!”? You would pronounce it SELL ISS GA-NOONK, and it’s written: Sell is genunk! 



Beavertown Light Plant

(Courtesy of Nikki Sheesley)

The electric plant shown here was owned and operated by the Beavertown Electric Company. Inside was a steam operated dynamo which delivered electricity to the paying members of the company here in Beavertown. William Saylor was the operator. In 1914 it was purchased by the newly formed borough.



Mini Lesson #211

1. How do you say “I prefer this to that.” in PA German? You would pronounce it DES ISS MERE LEE-VA AS CELL, and it is written: Des is mer liewer as sell.
2. How would you say “We prepared for visitors.”? You would pronounce it MERE HEN UNZ GA-RISHED FA BA-ZUCH, and it’s written: Mer hen uns gerischt fer Bsuch. 

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