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The Beavertown News is a monthly publication to provide information on events and activities occurring in Beavertown. For more information, submissions or advertising, please send us an email. We reserve the right to edit all materials submitted.
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Mini Lesson #209

1. How do you say “Master this thing!” in PA German? You would pronounce it MESCHTA DESS DING, and it is written: Meeschder des Ding!
2. How would you say “That is necessary”? You would pronounce it SELL ISS NOTE-VEND-DICH, and it’s written: Sel is notwendich. 



The Kearns Car Compay of Beavertown

(Courtesy of The Beavertown Historical Society)

Shown here is the Kearns Motors factory, formerly the Kearns Buggy plant, which was located on 123 S. Center Street in Beavertown. It was torn down in 1974. A new book soon to be published will give the full remarkable history of this storied company. You can pre-order your copy which will cost you $25.00 on delivery (plus shipping and handling if sent away) by calling 658-7205 or by snail mailing or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You’ll be glad you did!



Mini Lesson #208

1. How do you say “The time for bed is now.” in PA German? You would pronounce it DEE SIGHT FAH INZ BETT IS NAU, and it is written: Die Zeit fer ins Bett is nau.
2. How would you say “Did you know?”? You would pronounce it HUSHED DEW GA-VIST, and it’s written: Hoscht du gwisst. 



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