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Beavertown wins $10,000

(Courtesy of Beavertown Borough Council)

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Tom and Karen Burns leading an army of motivated and persistent citizens, Beavertown won $10,000 in the Reader's Digest "We Hear You America" campaign for 2012. The borough council received the payment from Reader's Digest, and will be using it for some improvements to the borough building as well as giving some back to the community throughout the summer. Keep your eyes here for more information!



Mini Lesson #207

1. How do you say “We'll meet this Sunday.” in PA German? You would pronounce it MERE FA SUMLA UNZ DA SUUNDAK, and it is written: Mir versammle uns der Sunndaag.
2. How would you say “It's quarter til eight.”? You would pronounce it SIS FODDLE BIS OCHT, and it’s written: Sis Vaddel bis acht. 



James Kline Cemetery

(Courtesy of Beavertown Historical Society)

This is a photo of James "Daddy" Kline's cemetery which he began in 1914. The name of this solemn ground was later changed to Cedar Hill Cemetery, because of the large number of cedar trees growing nearby. Many of the Beavertown veterans that we honor on Memorial Day are resting in this sanctuary.



Mini Lesson #206

1. How do you say “Where there's smoke, there's fire.” in PA German? You would pronounce it VOO SCHMOKE ISS, ISS AH FIRE, and it is written: Wu Schmok is, is aa Feier.
2. How would you say “Don't make a face.”? You would pronounce it MOCH NET EN SCHNUTT, and it’s written: Mach net en Schnut. 


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